Showcase Performing Arts Center Facility

Showcase Performing Arts Center is located in a spacious location in a family centered shopping plaza. You enter Showcase's large family waiting area where you are greeted by Showcase staff, excited to see your child and hear about their "wins" for the day.

Our family waiting room is filled with busy conversation and ample seating for families to wait for their child to be done class. Every parent and child can find the information needed on our "Showcase News" board. Making life simple for the parent to find out what is happening in your child's education without searching. Our Family waiting area features, a large family dining table, perfect for pre-class homework and in between class dinners. We are creating a home away from home for your child to learn and grow. Off the waiting area you will find, both the offices of our Directors. Open door policies that make it easy for us to serve you or provide your student with extra help, with dance or homework. 

Showcase offers two studios each over 1,000 square feet. Each studio offers an observation window where parents and families can watch their student learn and grow.  Our studios are fixed with state of the sounds equipment, and our tumbling/martial arts centered studio is filled with tools to helps your children excel. Tumbling Room B, offers a large flex tumbling mat and tumbling track for students to master advanced tumbling skills and passes safely. 

Our studio offers a large student lounge/mini studio, where students can "hang" in a safe, judgement free zone. Older students often work on homework and choreography, while our "littles" admire and learn from positive goal centered role models..  Off the student lounge you will find the dressing room, teacher lounge, kitchenette, and bathroom. Our kitchenette offers a microwave, fridge, plates, and others for student who spend longer nights doing what they love. 

Showcase prides itself on providing a clean, safe environment for the whole family: a home away from home for your child's second family.